Nokia patents self-charging graphene batteries

dicembre 5, 2014

I recently read “Graphene is the future, the future is now”. If you already read my posts you will see some strange solid-state graphene based batteries can self-charging. You might think it is only patological science, but here you are an important news from Nokia. We can say this innovation has got truly revolutionary potential.

Nokia is one of the leaders in graphene based research work and mainly on prototyping optical sensor based on graphene. Now Nokia has just patented a self-charging graphene based photon-battery.

The generation of protons is facilitated by the presence of water. The configuration of the GO electrode with the water and the higher pH media renders the battery 300 a dynamic battery. In other words, the battery 300 is capable of regenerating itself immediately after discharge through continuous chemical reactions. In particular, the battery 300 may be automatically charged back to open circuit voltage without an external energy input. The result is a low-power, energy-autonomous device.

It may use humid hair to recharge itself:

During operation, the battery 300 can generate an open circuit voltage on the order of about 1 volt (V) when in the presence of humid air (for example, when the relative humidity is about 30%). The battery 300 also exhibits a fast recovery of its voltage within a few minutes after being fully discharged and without the application of external energy.

If this innovation is not enough, they say it even can be printed on flexible substrates for making a flexible battery or can be made highly transparent.

The battery 300 can be made flexible using printing technology. For example, the battery 300 can be printed onto a flexible substrate. The battery 300 can also be made to have highly transparent optical properties or elastomeric properties.

nokia graphene self-charging battery

Nokia patent graphene based self-charging battery

Nokia pantent



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