Graphenano Graphene polymeric battery

dicembre 16, 2014

graphene battery

Great news for e-mobility of the near future, the spanish company Graphenano (industrial-scale graphene production company) developed a new Graphene polymeric lithium battery.

Graphene is the thinnest , hardest material in the world, came out in 2004 , its discoverer , University of Manchester Andre – Heim (AndreGeim) professor who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.

Such graphene polymeric material has longer battery life, up to four times the conventional lithium batteries. And because of the characteristics of graphene to be very thin (one mono-atomic layer), this battery is only half the weight of conventional batteries, making the load of the car more lightweight , thereby improving vehicle fuel efficiency.

Graphenano company reference person says its cost is not high. It will cost 77% lower than lithium batteries available in the market now.

The material have been developed with the University of Cordoba and the storage capacity reach 3 times the current batteries allowing cars to run for 1000 kilometers and a charging time lower than 8 minutes..

Graphenano company plans to put into production this battery in 2015, rumors says a German car company (not yet disclosed) is testing the battery this month.

Source: Tech.163



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