“Best Board” is the Nr. 1 in pedestal heating boards “Made in Austria. It is an international firm with a staff of over 300 employed in the various production operations and who work for “Best Board”.pedestal heating board

The product “Best Board” has already become established in all lines of business in the field of heating technology, and the specialised field of application ranges from normal house construction to churches, museums, palatial residences, office buildings, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, glasshouses as well as problem solutions in the heating field.

The innovative and flexible further development of the product has created all of these application possibilities. The Christine Prantl firm guarantees the most high-grade material quality and production quality.As a result of the high quality standard (ISO 9001) and unremitting diligence, the Christine Prantl firm has been able to gain a considerable market share.

pedestal heating board“Best Board“ allows a reduction of the room temperature by 3°C compared with conventional heating systems and still provides a cosy, warm atmosphere.

Heat radiates from the walls(approx.80%) avoiding the build-up of warm air (which is costly and unnecessary) under the ceiling.

The precise individual room temperature control (with proportional servomotor) allows to selection and maintenance the most appropriate ambient temperature in each room (control diff.1/10°C)

These feature allow an energy saving of about 30-40%.

Get more info: Best Board news

Source: BestBoard website



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