What is graphene?

Graphene is a new material of a single layer sheet-like structure composed of carbon atoms. 2004, University of Manchester physicists Andre Heim (Andre Geim) and Konstantin Novoselov (Konstantin Novoselov), succeeded in the experiment isolated graphene from graphite, they also for “groundbreaking experiments in the two-dimensional material graphene”, shared the 2010
Nobel Prize in Physics.

Graphene features

Because of its low resistivity, electronic running fast, and therefore are expected to be used to develop a thinner, faster next-generation conductive electronic components or transistors. Graphene is essentially due to a clear, well conductors, are also suitable for manufacturing a transparent touch screen, light board, or even a solar cell. Here a short list of all its features:

✔ The world’s thinnest it is also the hardest nanomaterials;
✔ High transparency (absorb 2.3% of light);
✔ Thermal conductivity of up to 5300 W/(m·K);
✔ Resistivity about 10-6 Ω·c.

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